Amazing moment an artist bumped into Ian Brown

Amazing moment an artist bumped into Ian Brown in the Northern Quarter – who then went back to his flat to sign his art

“He was absolutely a gentleman, to come to someones apartment who he had just met, it was just an honour”

An artist has described his surprise after he bumped into his idol Ian Brown, who then offered to go to his flat and sign some of his artwork for him.

Stephen Lynn, 50, was stood on Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter on Saturday morning when he spotted the Stone Roses frontman walking down the street.

As a massive fan, he asked to take a selfie with him and then asked Ian if he could send him some of his artwork to sign.

But he was left shocked when the singer offered to walk to his flat with him and sign it for him there and then.

Stephen said Ian was a ‘gentleman’ and said it was an ‘honour’ to meet his idol.

The artist was stood outside Gullivers bar when the star walked around the corner and came towards him.

Read more of this interview on The Manchester Evening News

By Ashlie Blakey – News reporter

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