For those who don’t know Stephen Lynn let me put you in the picture (you get me…). He’s an artist from Warrington who now resides in Manchester and his art just blows you away. After getting the nod from Rowetta of Happy Mondays fame he was commissioned by The Old Nags Head to create the massive mural on the rooftop beer garden which everyone talks about around here. It took him months to stencil out all the pictures (pictured) and then they were burned into the brickwork to create an iconic scene of familiar Manc faces from all different generations, which includes the famous Tony Wilson quote, Emmeline Pankhurst, Alan Turing, fuckin’ Hilda Ogden and a plethora of music greats, too many to name.

Wayne Carey – Louder Than War

Stephen Lynn

Popular well-known artist, Stephen Lynn creator of Dionysus Art of Manchester and beyond.
Creating iconic pop art since 2003. Someone described my work as “pop art on steroids”, think that’s pretty wicked.
I now have pieces of artwork on display at numerous galleries across the UK.

Gaining more recognition every day, being described as “the pencil poet”.

I’m particularly proud of the Iconic work commisioned by the Sean Brett owner of the Old Nags Head on Deansgate in Manchester, featuring my interpretation of Manchester and what Manchester means to me growing up (image pictured left, photograph by Karen McBride).